Your Phone is your New Camera

Tips, gear, apps and ideas to help you become a better photographer using only the device that is always with you: your phone. Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or any other phone with a lens attached to it.

Will phones replace DSLRs? Not likely in the foreseeable future. Will they replace point-and-shot cameras? In my opinion, they will certainly replace most of them. And they already are. 

If you are interested in iPhoneography, Android, Windows Phone and iPhone camera apps or photography in general, I believe you'll enjoy this site.

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Originally from Brazil, I am a proud husband and father, photo geek, and live in Dublin, Ireland.

I have different cameras but have been more and more fascinated with the power of Smartphones as "real" cameras. I currently shoot mostly with a HTC One A9.

I lead the operations for Squarespace in EMEA as my day job. All ideas, comments and opinions expressed here are 100% personal and are in no way associated to the company I work for.

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